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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
DeSantis & Florida climate denial
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Labor unions and environmentalists are working together on the energy transition

In 2023, groups found solidarity on the climate, but work lies ahead.
Pennsylvania environmental policy and labor unions

Pennsylvania Democrats seek balance between environmental policy and loyalty to labor

Democratic leaders, however, caught between the competing interests of the environmental movement and building trade unions — both traditionally strong allies of the party — didn’t share the goal of putting sweeping climate and environment legislation up for votes.
Automakers UAW green jobs transition

Automakers face a labor showdown as the E.V. era looms

The United Auto Workers leader vowed to be tougher than his predecessors in contract talks. His initial demands attach big numbers to that promise.
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The blue-collar workers left behind by the green economy

A California oil refinery shut down during the pandemic. A year later, former employees were not all right.
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E.P.A lab helps plan the fastest road to an EV future

Government scientists have spent a year analyzing electric vehicles to help the E.P.A. design new tailpipe rules to trigger an electric car revolution.
California oil and trades union alliance threatens oil setbacks bill

California oil and trades union alliance threatens oil setbacks bill

Labor opposition could diminish Gov. Newsom's climate package.