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space mining critical minerals
Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
Florida anti-climate legislation
Banks continue funding fossil fuels despite global climate agreements
venezuela oil industry energy
Image by David Mark from Pixabay

How Venezuela’s oil industry has devastated the environment

Gas flares and leaking pipelines from Venezuela’s once-booming oil industry, hobbled by U.S. sanctions and mismanagement, are polluting towns and a major lake.
great salt lake terry tempest williams
Photo by Brent Pace on Unsplash

Terry Tempest Williams: I am haunted by what I have seen at Great Salt Lake

Evaporation from heat and drought accelerated by climate change, combined with overuse of the rivers that feed it, have shrunk the lake’s area by two-thirds.

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salton sea drought water climate

The Salton Sea, an accident of history, faces a new water crisis

The vast California lake relies on runoff from cropland to avoid disappearing. But as farmers face water cuts due to drought and an ever drier Colorado River, the Salton Sea stands to lose again.
glacial melting climate impacts

Melting glaciers pose flash flooding risk for 15 million people, study says

Across the world’s iciest regions, communities live with the looming threat of inland tsunamis — massive walls of water moving quickly and forcefully from melting glaciers, known as glacial lake outburst floods.

otago lake climate impacts biodiversity

High tech buoys helping protect NZ's freshwater lakes

The Otago Regional Council is extending a trial using technology to monitor the effects of climate change and human activity on lakes in the area.

wisconsin lake superior cruise ships climate toxics pollution

Is cold, blustery Lake Superior a perfect cruise destination?

As cruising picks up, one small Wisconsin port weighs the pros and cons of more ships and their impact on the town and the environment.
warming lake water climate

Research finds Canadian lakes in increasingly hot water over climate change

A survey of 143 different studies has found lakes everywhere are getting warmer, shallower and more subject to toxic algae blooms. Researchers say cold-water fish like lake trout are being pushed aside by others, such as smallmouth bass.