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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
War's environmental damage
American Climate Corps
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Boston’s newest answer to climate change? For one, more trees

Boston Mayor Michelle Wu said a new city Forestry Division will plant more trees in the city both to fight climate change and improve public health.
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Biden to talk climate change in Massachusetts visit during heat wave with temps feeling above 100 degrees

President Joe Biden will visit Massachusetts on Wednesday, delivering remarks on climate change and energy policy at a former power plant.

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Maryland’s next governor must lead on climate

All the promises of COP26 are meaningless if local and state leaders do not fully embrace the fight against harmful greenhouse gas emissions.
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Climate change could sink small states: Commonwealth chief

Some of the world's smallest countries could "disappear" without action at an upcoming UN summit to contain climate change, the secretary general of the Commonwealth warned.

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Brits told to prepare for 40C days within ten years as extreme heatwaves hit the UK

Britain could have its first 40C day within 10 years, scientists warned. The scorcher would be caused by rising carbon emissions and global warming and could kill thousands, they said.

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Naval Academy, Navy station in Annapolis could see new sea wall

The Navy is considering a multi-year project to restore seawalls around the Naval Academy and the Navy station across the Severn River, repairing damage as well as preparing for rising seas and storms.
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US must electrify municipal fleets, bolster transit and zero-emission car sales to reverse ‘public health disaster,’ Massachusetts nonprofit report says

Last April, as the COVID-19 pandemic forced an unprecedented lockdown, Americans came along for the ride in a climate science experiment.