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permafrost melt orange rivers
Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
Big Oil bankrolling Trump
Heat waves threaten power grid stability with potential blackouts
climate activism litigation
Credit: Alisdare Hickson/Flickr

Climate activists convicted in court despite urgency of climate change

Two environmental activists were convicted in a Nanaimo court for civil disobedience, with the judge ruling that the climate crisis does not justify breaking the law.

Peter Fairley reports for The Tyee.

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youth climate activism
Credit: throgers/Flickr

The court orders dismissal of a youth-led climate lawsuit against the US government

A federal appeals court has instructed the district court to dismiss a climate change lawsuit filed by youth plaintiffs against the U.S. government, denying them the chance to amend their case.

Alex Guillén reports for Politico.

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Youth at the forefront of climate change litigation

Youth at the forefront of climate change litigation

Young climate advocates are challenging the U.S. government in court, demanding accountability for climate change inactions.

Ruxandra Guidi reports for High Country News.

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litigation disrupts Everglades alliance in Florida

Court drama disrupts a key environmental alliance in Florida

A legal battle between the Everglades Foundation and a former scientist has sparked controversy, highlighting a clash over environmental policy and personal integrity.

Robin Bravender reports for Politico.

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Scientists and expert testimony
Credit: Nosnibor137/BigStock Photo ID: 41646235

Scientists and academics navigate the challenging world of expert testimony

In a recent exploration by Science, Dan Charles delves into the intricate role of scientists serving as expert witnesses in legal disputes, highlighting both the opportunities and challenges this responsibility entails.

Dan Charles reports for Science.

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Held v. Montana youth climate suit appeal
Credit: Mehaniq/BigStockPhotoID: 467940073

Montana's climate case draws industry support for the state's stance

Montana's high court is reviewing an appeal in the youth climate lawsuit, Held v. Montana, with significant backing from Republican leaders and business groups.

Blair Miller reports for the Daily Montanan.

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Utah’s Great Salt Lake on verge of collapse
Credit: Jasen Miller/Flickr

Utah legislature takes aim at rights of nature movement

Nonhuman entities like corporations and municipalities have long had “legal personhood” in U.S. law. Now, Utah lawmakers want to prevent lakes, forests and other parts of nature from having the same legal status.