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Federal agencies move to protect climate science from political interference
Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
US oil trade group challenges Biden administration's EV mandate in court
Trump anti-climate energy policies
ocean acidification & bleaching

Bleaching, it’s not just for corals

Giant clams suffer similar struggles with warming water, though the consequences don’t seem quite as dire.
open net salmon farming
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Anti-salmon-farming activists are playing a global game of whack-a-mole

Increasing regulation in several countries is forcing open-net-pen salmon farmers to pack up shop. But then what happens?
Kotzebue Alaska cyanobacteria blooms
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The foul chartreuse sea

Researchers in Kotzebue, Alaska, are investigating why their town is increasingly playing host to harmful cyanobacteria.
Dungeness crab monitoring project
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Shining the light on baby crabs

In British Columbia, a monitoring project with light traps may illuminate the future of the prized crustaceans.
wind turbines disrupt larval cod
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For baby cod, offshore wind turbines offer an alluring tone

Experiments show larval cod will orient themselves toward the simulated sound of a turbine.
Antarctic Tourism negative impacts
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Antarctic tourism is up, but experts give it a thumbs down

Fuel spills and invasive species could be just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the impacts of increasing tourism in Antarctica.
marine food web disruption
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For whales and crabbers, finding balance is getting harder

As climate change causes more marine heatwaves, finding space for both is getting even more difficult.