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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
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UN conference on plastic pollution marked by industry influence

UN conference on plastic pollution marked by industry influence

At a recent United Nations conference in Canada, intended to forge a treaty on plastic pollution, industry insiders prominently influenced proceedings despite the event's "plastic-free" claim.

Lisa Song reports for ProPublica.

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Oil lobbyist helps craft testimony for small producers

Two oil and gas operators used strikingly similar language in complaining about a new fee on methane emissions. They had help.
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Fossil fuel lobbyists have increasingly attended U.N. climate talks

The industry has enjoyed a growing presence at the negotiations over the past two decades, according to new research by advocacy groups.
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Fossil fuel lobbyists flock to plastics treaty talks as scientists, environmentalists seek conflict of interest policies

With growing calls for the need to reduce plastic production, industry groups are pushing back.
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EU poised to water down new car pollution rules after industry lobbying

Exclusive: Nitrogen dioxide limits and approval tests practically unchanged from current rules under Euro 7 proposals.

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How fossil fuel lobbyists and their allies use 'zombie' bills and exploit loopholes to avoid climate action

In Texas, a new tax break program full of loopholes has led critics to warn that it will be exploited by major fossil fuel producers.
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Canada, home to a massive boreal forest, lobbied to limit U.S., EU anti-deforestation bills

Canada's forest industry is a $34-billion business. But as climate change accelerates, many worry about the true cost of logging, including the states of New York and California, which introduced anti-deforestation bills — that provinces and the federal government lobbied against.