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2023 record-breaking global heat
Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
Insurance woes increase as climate change impacts profitability
The Oregon timber industry won huge tax cuts in the 1990s. Now it may get another break thanks to a top lawmaker
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The Oregon timber industry won huge tax cuts in the 1990s. Now it may get another break thanks to a top lawmaker

As the cost of fighting wildfires increases, state Sen. Elizabeth Steiner has proposed a bill — developed in consultation with the logging industry — that would shift millions in expenses away from the biggest landowners and onto taxpayers.
longleaf pine burning

Longleaf pine restoration—a major climate effort in the South—curbs its ambitions to meet harsh realities

A public-private partnership confronts the challenges of nature-based solutions, including urban growth, logging pressures and a warming planet

oregon forest
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Climate change, drought, wildfires reduce value of private forestland in the West by billions

Oregon State University researchers said private timberland values have declined $11 billion due to the threat of drought and wildfires.
climate alberta burned forest
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Climate change could mean Alberta cuts more fire-killed trees for timber

Since 2016, Alberta has harvested approximately 20 million cubic metres of timber each year, which is enough to fill 8,000 Olympic swimming pools, but the proportion of that from salvaged logging can vary, according to data from the Alberta government.

water drought & deluge resilience

Why we need a ‘slow water’ movement

To withstand drought and deluge, an H2O how-to from Erica Gies, author of ‘Water Always Wins.’

tree planting
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Opinion: We thought we were saving the planet but we were planting a time bomb

I spent a summer putting trees into the ground. Thirty years later, I watched my youthful idealism literally go up in smoke.
cougar olympic peninsula
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Crowding out cougars

Expanded development on Washington’s Olympic Peninsula, viewed as a climate refuge, is encroaching on prime wildlife habitat. As big cats find it harder to avoid people, many are winding up dead.