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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
UN proposes fossil fuel ad ban
Oceans under threat from heating, deoxygenation, and acidification
Extreme weather is worsening Africa's cholera crisis

Extreme weather is worsening Africa's cholera crisis

Relentless extreme weather in Africa has led to severe cholera outbreaks, killing thousands and affecting hundreds of thousands more.

Sebabatso Mosamo, Farai Mutsaka, and Gerald Imray report for The Associated Press.

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COP28 climate reparations for Cyclone Freddy recovery in Malawi

Cyclone Freddy destroyed the small East African country. Targeted reparations can alleviate poverty and help communities recover.
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After the storm, Malawi’s farmers face a precarious future

When Cyclone Freddy walloped southern Africa last March, Malawi’s farmers — mostly women — lost their land, livestock, and livelihoods. Already desperately poor, they are struggling to recover in a nation considered one of the world’s most affected by extreme weather events.
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As Africa loses forest, its small farmers are bringing back trees

The loss of forests across Africa has long been documented. But recent studies show that small farmers from Senegal to Ethiopia to Malawi are allowing trees to regenerate on their lands, resulting in improved crop yields, productive fruit harvests, and a boost for carbon storage.
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Meet the climate hackers of Malawi

On tiny farms they’re testing creative ideas to stay ahead of the cascading threats — heat and drought, cyclones and floods — transforming their world.
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Cyclone Freddy prompts pleas for urgency on loss and damage finance

The first talks on how to set up a loss and damage fund were held this week. In the meantime, disaster-torn countries like Malawi appeal for urgent support.
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Survivors reel in aftermath of one of Africa’s deadliest cyclones

“Let me tell you, it is a serious situation. It is a tragedy,” says Paul Turnbull, Malawi Country Director of the World Food Programme. He is talking about the aftermath of Cyclone Freddy, one of the deadliest and long-lived tropical cyclones to have ever been recorded in Southern Africa.