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Hurricane Maria: Three weeks after landfall, Puerto Rico is still dark, dry, frustrated.

While the metropolis of San Juan inches toward normalcy, much of the rest of the island still awaits basic services.

Three weeks since Hurricane Maria, much of Puerto Rico still dark, thirsty and frustrated

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MEPs block Commission from widening endocrine disruptor definition.

MEPs today blocked a Commission proposal that would have exempted some chemicals from being identified as endocrine disruptors due to wider criteria.

MEPs block Commission from widening endocrine disruptor definition

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Fighting for a foothold.

White abalone are both critically endangered and crucial to their coastal ecosystems, so scientists have launched a Hail Mary effort to save them.

SOLUTIONS | 09.19.17

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US is eliminating its Arctic and climate envoys. What message does that send?

The envoys gave the U.S. seasoned voices in international negotiations involving complex issues around climate change and the future of the Arctic region.

As Secretary of State Rex Tillerson eliminates or shifts dozens of high-level diplomatic positions within the State Department—including the special envoys for climate change and the Arctic— those who have spent careers on these issues worry about the message being sent to the international community.

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To save the rivers and the woods, try hurling a few dead fish.

An innovative program is restoring order to Pacific Northwest ecosystems, one salmon carcass at a time.

One cool September day, I visited a fish hatchery in Sweet Home, Oregon, a lumber town in the foothills of the Cascades east of Corvallis. I was there to see the year’s final holding of spring Chinook salmon collected, spawned, and ultimately tossed into a local creek as “stream enrichment”: fertilizer for the ecosystem. I would follow them up the highway as they were delivered to a small tributary of the South Santiam River that had lost its wild fish and thus, for decades, been starved of the important nutrients that salmon gather at sea.

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Rome, city of ancient aqueducts, faces water rationing.

A blistering summer has left parts of Europe parched and plagued by wildfires, but it is a particular indignity in the Eternal City.

ROME — Rome’s cold, clean water has flowed through ancient aqueducts, gurgled in baroque fountains and poured incessantly from thousands of the 19th-century spouts that still grace the city streets. For millenniums, water has symbolized Rome’s dominion over nature, its engineering prowess and deep, seemingly inexhaustible spring of good fortune.

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