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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
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Oil barge accident & spill
Credit: Patrick Feller/Flickr

Barge collision collapses Galveston bridge, triggers oil spill

A barge collision caused a partial collapse of a Galveston bridge, leading to an oil spill and the closure of the only road to Pelican Island.

Juan Lozano and Lekan Oyekanmi report for The Associated Press.

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Deepwater Horizon oil spill
Credit: Florida Sea Grant/Flickr

The lasting impact of the Deepwater Horizon spill on marine life

A recent expedition to the Gulf of Mexico has revealed ongoing environmental damage from the Deepwater Horizon disaster, showing little signs of recovery for the marine ecosystem.

Xander Peters reports for Hakai Magazine.

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building climate-resilient coral reefs
Credit: WorldFish/Flickr

The race to build climate-resilient coral reefs

These innovations are speeding up the recovery of bleached corals.
Lahaina Maui toxic debris
Credit: State Farm/Flickr

Fire blanketed Lahaina in toxic debris. Where can they put it?

Crews are sending thousands of truckloads of debris to a temporary disposal site, alarming Native Hawaiian residents and those seeking to protect a prized coral reef.
container ship plastic nurdle spill
Credit: Júlio Gaspar Reis/Flickr

Battle to save Spain’s beaches and marine life as row intensifies over ‘plastic monster’ unleashed after container ship spill

An ecological disaster is unfolding on the beaches of north-west Spain as a billion plastic pellets lost overboard from a container ship begin washing ashore.
microplastics nanoplastics & nurdles
Credit: Paweł Wyszomirski/Greenpeace Polska/Flickr

The nurdle hunters: is combing UK beaches for tiny bits of plastic a waste of time?

More than 170 tons of plastic particles are floating in the world’s oceans – and millions of them wash up on our shores.

Marine microplastics nanoplastics pollution
Credit: Uladzimir Zuyeu/BigStock Photo ID: 431375807

Microplastics are the not-so-secret ingredient in marine snow

Particles of tiny, degraded plastics coated with biofilms sink to the seafloor, carrying carbon with them.