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Federal agencies move to protect climate science from political interference
Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
US oil trade group challenges Biden administration's EV mandate in court
Trump anti-climate energy policies
Is plastic-free plastic even possible?

Is plastic-free plastic even possible?

The term "plastic-free" isn't nearly as simple or self-explanatory as it sounds, and that making single-use packaging greener is a complex challenge for everyone involved.

delta greenwashing lawsuit
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Delta's carbon-neutral pledge is 'greenwashing,' California lawsuit says

Delta Air Lines should pay damages to customers for misrepresenting itself as a carbon-neutral airline in marketing campaigns and advertisements that encouraged consumers to pay higher prices, a class-action lawsuit says.

snowboarding brands climate impacts

Where’s the snow? Snowboarding brands are trying to find out for themselves

Snowboarding brands are changing their strategies and entering policy debates, as climate change continues to upend the snowfall calendar.

solar panel sales climate energy

When do many people decide to go solar? When they’re referred by a friend or neighbor

Rooftop solar panels can save people money on their electricity bills. And those savings can mean a lot — especially for people with low incomes, who might have to choose between paying for utilities or buying food or medicine. But when people get a cold call or see a direct mail pitch for solar panels, they often ignore it.

social media ads big tech climate denial
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Big Tech helps Big Oil spread subtle climate denialism

Fossil-fuel companies’ climate messaging may have changed to fit the new century, but the goal is the same the industry has had for decades: to delay action and protect profits for as long as possible.

william s. becker climate big oil

William S. Becker: Quit Big Oil - our health is at stake

What do cigarettes and oil have in common? The answer: Both are deadly, but the industries that produce them covered up the risks to continue profiting from Americans’ addiction to their products.

haarlem meat consumption energy climate

Dutch city becomes world’s first to ban meat adverts in public

A Dutch city will become the first in the world to ban meat adverts from public spaces in an effort to reduce consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.