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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
Shaprio Pennsylvania carbon capture
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Climate researchers: Michigan set for "economic boom" due to Inflation Reduction Act

A new study says Michigan could see a dramatic influx of new jobs and economic growth due to the Inflation Reduction Act. The Act is investing $370 billion nationwide to fight climate change.

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Lake Erie's toxic cyanobacterial bloom lasted an unusually long time this year

The toxic cyanobacterial bloom that’s become a yearly problem in Lake Erie’s western basin was relatively small this year. But the bloom has lasted an unusually long time. It didn't start to break up until recently.
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Why climate change may be driving more infectious diseases

While the impacts of climate change may conjure images of natural disasters, a new study shows that its can also impact humans on a microscopic level.
Gas and oil industry report projects fuel price hikes if Enbridge Line 5 is shut down

Gas and oil industry report projects fuel price hikes if Enbridge Line 5 is shut down

A report suggests two regional refineries would close because they couldn't get enough oil. Environmentalists dispute the report's projections.
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Photo by Kym Ellis on Unsplash

Bugs, shorter winters, climate: Great Lakes vineyards face changing circumstances

While it may seem that climate change research has only emerged as a priority in recent years, in practice the impact of climate on grapes is nothing new to many who are experts in the field.

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As drought grips American West, irrigation becomes selling point for Michigan

Will there be enough water for Michigan's thriving farm sector, and for every other use of a natural resource growing scarcer across much of the rest of the nation?

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Photo by Liz Harrell on Unsplash

Lake Superior summer: Harmful algal blooms come to a lake once believed immune

Climate change is giving cyanobacteria a more pronounced advantage, leading to more intense, widespread blooms.