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Image by Bishnu Sarangi from Pixabay

As Farmers Face a Warmer Future, an Ancient Grain Shows Promise

The Midwest is known for its rows and rows of corn and soybeans that uniformly cover the landscape. But in central Missouri, farmer Linus Rothermich disrupts the usual corn and soybean rotation with Japanese millet. He has been growing it since 1993.

millet ancient drought resistant food climate

Millets — ancient drought-resistant grains — could help the Great Plains survive climate change

The United Nations has declared 2023 the International Year of Millets — a type of small grain mostly grown in parts of Asia and Africa. The highly resilient and cost-friendly grains could make them the next crop for U.S. farmers in the midst of climate change.
millet farming climate

Faced with climate change, India is leading a resurgence in millet cultivation

One of the oldest cereals known to human civilization, varieties of millet are now taking center stage in the fight against climate change and global hunger.

The climate novelist who transcends despair

The climate novelist who transcends despair

Lydia Millet believes the natural world can help us become more human.
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The botanic matchmakers that could save our food supply

Undomesticated plants could help their farmed cousins adapt to climate stresses, but that requires tracking them down around the world while also “decolonizing botany.”

Securing food supply with wheat alternatives

Against the grain: Securing food supply with wheat alternatives

As war in Ukraine strangles global wheat supplies and extreme weather hits harvests, hardy and climate-resilient wild and ancient grains could bring greater food security.