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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
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Climate change: Children pioneer a legal right to a secure future

Climate change: Eco-anxious youth are making progress in suing to create a body of law protecting against the effects of a warming planet.
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Montana’s massive climate win provides blueprint for suits nationwide

A Montana court ruled that youth have a right to a livable climate. Now, lawsuits around the country are working to build on that success.

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The Montana youths behind a historic climate lawsuit

Behind one of the nation’s most watched climate lawsuits — aimed at demonstrating that Montana’s promotion of fossil fuels violates the state’s constitution — are 16 young people, driven by passionate dread over the places they cherish.

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‘Green amendments’: advocates push for constitutional guarantees in face of climate crisis

As Montana awaits a judgment in a historic climate lawsuit, there’s a drive to place environmental provisions in state constitutions.

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Young environmentalists bring climate case to trial in Montana

Sixteen young people argue that the state is robbing their future by embracing policies that contribute to climate change.
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Montana judge refuses to cancel first U.S. climate trial

A Montana judge has rejected one plank of a youth-led lawsuit that challenges the state’s climate record but denied the state’s effort to torpedo what next month will become the first climate lawsuit in the U.S. to go to trial.