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rising temps fuel dengue
Credit: Agência Brasília/Flickr

Millions infected with dengue as hotter temperatures cause virus to flare

Dengue is sweeping across the Western Hemisphere in numbers not seen since record-keeping began in 1980 as experts warn that rising temperatures and rapid urbanization are accelerating the pace of infections.
rising temperatures & Dengue fever

As temperatures rise, Dengue fever spreads and cases rise

With temperatures and rainfall increasing, the mosquitoes that carry dengue viruses are extending their range. More than 4.5 million cases have been reported this year, and global climate models project an additional 2 billion people could be at risk of infection by 2080.
mosquito on fabric

Mosquitoes are a growing public health threat, reversing years of progress

Don't miss this compelling global health series by The New York Times: The fight against mosquitos has never been more urgent as climate change and the rapid evolution of the insect have thwarted efforts to combat devastating diseases like malaria and dengue. Scientists are innovating, reports Stephanie Nolen, pursuing new strategies to protect public health.
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Dengue fever cases surge as temperatures rise

Dengue fever cases surge as temperatures rise

Experts say a tangled web of factors is driving global spikes in dengue, but one culprit stands out: climate change.

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Malaria transmission in a warmer future

Malaria cases in Florida and Texas raise prospect of greater transmission in a warmer future

Seven people in the U.S. have contracted the disease from local mosquitoes—the nation’s first such cases in 20 years. As climate change plays out, researchers say, warmer and wetter weather could mean more mosquito-borne illnesses.

Peru dengue fever outbreak
Oregon State University/Flickr/Photo by James Gathany, courtesy of Centers for Disease Control

Peru is enduring its worst dengue outbreak ever. Is El Niño making it worse?

Peru is battling the worst dengue outbreak in its recorded history, with more than 140,000 registered cases so far this year and more than 200 people believed to have died from complications related to infections. 
climate change is spreading malaria in Africa

How climate change is spreading malaria in Africa

The mosquitoes that transmit the disease dramatically increased their range over the last century as temperatures warmed, scientists reported.