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Oil barge accident & spill
Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
US shifts to domestic uranium production amid geopolitical tensions
Ecuador's nature rights movement faces new challenges amid energy shifts
lahaina banyan maui wildfires
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Lahaina’s banyan tree damaged by Maui wildfires shows new life

Lahaina’s giant banyan tree, scorched by the flames of Maui’s deadly wildfires, is showing small signs of recovery: sprouting a batch of fresh green leaves.

tornado warning systems deficiencies
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Rolling Fork residents say they didn't hear any tornado warning sirens

Many Rolling Fork residents say they didn't hear sirens before the Mississippi tornado. Questions now remain about warning systems in poor, rural communities.
Mississippi tornadoes March 2023

‘Everything is gone’: loss and destruction in a small Mississippi town

Before the tornado, Sidney Alexander Street in Rolling Fork was filled trees, mobile homes and small ranch houses. Now, little is recognizable.
lake ice skating vermont climate

Climate change imperils lake ice skating in Vermont

This winter has been exceedingly warm in New England, catastrophically so for business at what is usually Lake Morey's four-mile skating trail in Vermont.
Living on Earth: Beyond the Headlines

Living on Earth: Beyond the Headlines

Environmental Journalist Peter Dykstra talks greening cities, House Republicans, climate change and Teddy Roosevelt.

california winter storms climate

California’s winter storms have been deadlier than any wildfire since 2018

The official death toll from a series of atmospheric rivers in California stands at 19. Experts say the fatalities show Californians have grown unaccustomed to the dangers of rain.
elderly Puerto Ricans face climate disasters alone

In graying Puerto Rico, the elderly face climate disasters alone

Puerto Rico is aging rapidly, driven by birth and mortality trends, but also emigration. Experts say the government is woefully unprepared for the challenges of having so many senior citizens.