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Tribes and conservationists work to save spearfishing from climate change
New Zealand cuts climate programs amid budget overhaul
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New Zealand cuts climate programs amid budget overhaul

The New Zealand government has slashed funding for climate initiatives in its latest budget, sparking accusations of neglecting environmental protection.

Eva Corlett reports for The Guardian.

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Protecting New Zealand's cities from climate change

New Zealand's coastal communities bear the brunt of extreme weather events. In Auckland, young engineers and architects are using technology to help their city withstand the impact of our changing climate.

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For New Zealand’s Maori communities, climate change is already hurting

Indigenous communities along New Zealand’s long coastline are feeling the double whammy of climate change and colonialism as extreme weather makes marginal land uninhabitable.
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Jacinda Ardern gives final speech, to join Prince William’s Earthshot

Jacinda Ardern delivered her final speech to New Zealand’s Parliament on Wednesday, as the former prime minister is set to begin new global roles combating online extremism and protecting the environment.

Cyclone Gabrielle: New Zealand flood victims

Cyclone Gabrielle: The New Zealand flood victims too scared to go home

Cyclone Gabrielle has sparked a nationwide debate about climate change and vulnerable homes.
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Scientists say climate change goosed New Zealand storm fury

Climate change worsened flooding from a tropical cyclone that shut down much of New Zealand last month in one of the country's costliest disasters, scientists said, but they couldn't quite calculate how much it magnified the catastrophe.
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Work less, save planet? UK’s 4-day work week trials shows climate benefits

4-Day Week Global, a New Zealand-based group advocating for a four-day work week instead of five, have released the results of their largest-ever trial so far, and they're promising. Especially so when it came to workplace satisfaction and, somewhat surprisingly, the environmental impact as well.