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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
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Ulez just the start and similar scheme needed for buildings, experts warn

Imposing strict controls on car exhausts will only partially improve the quality of air people breathe in the UK, scientists have said. New measures to counter emissions of nitrogen oxides and other air pollutants will also be needed for buildings, heating plants and many other domestic and industrial sources in future.

Texas blocks citizen protests

Port Arthur pollution fight shows how Texas blocks citizen protests

A local activist went before a judge, arguing for lower pollution limits on two new liquified natural gas facilities. The judge sided with him, but the state environmental agency sided with the companies.
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Pueblo activists want clarity on Comanche power plant emissions

People in Pueblo are at the forefront of an emerging partnership to quantify environmental justice hotspots in Colorado.

California vows to ban gas-fueled cars

California vows to ban gas-fueled cars. But its record on big climate promises is mixed

Last month’s historic vote by the California Air Resources Board follows a number of sweeping state environmental actions that have met with varying degrees of success.

Jim Bridger coal-fired plant shutdown

Stakeholders hint at deal to avoid partial Jim Bridger plant shutdown

Shifting calculations over three different administrations overseeing EPA contributed to a standoff over regional haze and the Jim Bridger coal plant.
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Photo by Chi Hung Wong on Unsplash

Air pollution: Roadside emissions sensors help Hong Kong clean its air in world first

Carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide pollution have fallen sharply in Hong Kong since it introduced a world-first scheme to detect and repair vehicles with the highest emissions.