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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
DeSantis & Florida climate denial
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tallying agricultural pollution

A precise tally of agricultural pollution? Farmers are working on it.

Fertilizer, fossil fuels and cows mean farming creates 10% of Canada’s carbon pollution. Measuring it all is a complex and uncertain task.

coal power plant pollution japan
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Japan is trying to use ammonia to make coal cleaner

New York Times reporters Motoko Rich and Hikari Hida write about Jera, a Japanese company that wants to blend ammonia with coal in order to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Japan says that by blending ammonia with coal in its boilers, it can make coal less damaging to the planet.

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Can hospitals turn into climate change fighting machines?

Inside the greening of American health care.
Carbon credits for nitrous oxide reductions
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A US non-profit aims to reduce emissions of a super climate pollutant from chemical plants in China

Carbon credits for nitrous oxide reductions could fill a key gap in international agreements and government regulations. A former industry insider says it’s a “reward for bad behavior.”

Chemical facilities spewing nitrous oxide
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Eleven chemical plants in China and one in the U.S. emit a climate super-pollutant called nitrous oxide that’s 273 times more potent than carbon dioxide

Proven, low-cost pollution controls could quickly curb those emissions, but neither China nor the U.S. require abatement measures used by other plants around the world.

Scotland bans environmentally harmful desflurane gas anaesthetic
U.S. Indo-Pacific Command/Flickr

Scotland first to ban environmentally harmful anaesthetic

Desflurane gas has a global warming potential 2,500 times greater than carbon dioxide, NHS data suggests.
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A pillar of the climate-smart agriculture movement is on shaky ground

A pillar of the climate-smart agriculture movement is on shaky ground

Cover crops have gained elite status as a way for farmers to fight climate change. But a closer look at the growing body of research raises questions about their ability to lower greenhouse gas emissions.