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Fusion energy gains bipartisan momentum

Fusion energy gains momentum in Congress, sparking bipartisan interest

Congress shows a unified front in backing fusion energy, aiming to integrate this zero-carbon source into the national energy strategy within a decade.

Nico Portuondo reports for E&E News.

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The challenge of fusion power
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The challenge of fusion power

Scientists have been chasing the dream of harnessing the reactions that power the Sun since the dawn of the atomic era. Interest, and investment, in the carbon-free energy source is heating up.

Artificial intelligence & climate solutions
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DeepMind wants to use AI to solve the climate crisis

WIRED spoke with DeepMind’s climate lead about techno-utopianism, ways AI can help fight climate change, and what’s currently standing in the way.
US plans nuclear fusion plant

US aims to create nuclear fusion facility within 10 years, Energy chief Granholm says

US Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm said the country is planning its first-ever fusion powerplant to achieve pollution-free power by 2035.
Nuclear fusion Livermore lab

Nuclear fusion net energy gain achieved again by Livermore lab scientists

The achievement is another key step — albeit in a journey that may take decades to complete — in the quest for an unlimited source of cheap and clean power.
nuclear fusion technology
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Will tech breakthroughs bring fusion energy closer to reality?

Abundant carbon-free energy from nuclear fusion has long been considered a holy grail. Recent technological advances and the emergence of startup companies have led to new optimism, but experts caution that the production of fusion power is still a long way off.
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Could Israel’s fusion energy co. power our future factories and cities?

The ability to produce energy via nuclear fusion could significantly impact the environment and geo-strategic and economic development issues.