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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
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Nuclear power climate policy
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Nuclear power output expected to break global records in 2025

Experts say world is ‘past peak fossil power’ but warn against uneven development of energy projects.

nuclear reactors

UK government sets out plans for ‘biggest nuclear power expansion in 70 years’

Ministers hope to build fleet of reactors to meet quarter of electricity demand by 2050 but critics highlight long delays and rising costs.

France nuclear energy prospects
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As nuclear debate nears, French minister sees potential for 14 new reactors

France requires more than the six new nuclear plants currently planned and possibly needs to build more than 14 new plants, its energy minister said, just days before a parliamentary debate begins on the issue.
chernobyl radiation sign
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Long-term wildlife impacts at Chornobyl, Fukushima may yield ‘a new ecology’

The world’s two worst nuclear accidents, in Ukraine and Japan, along with the human exclusion zones around them, are informing scientists about radiation effects, and how ecosystems evolve with less pressure from people.
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'Time to roll up our sleeves': Congress' long to-do list

Congress has just a few weeks to address a host of priorities with implications for energy, environmental and climate issues.
NuScale small-scale nuclear plant

The first small-scale nuclear plant in the US died before it could live

Six nuclear reactors just 9 feet across planned for Idaho were supposed to prove out the dream of cheap, small-scale nuclear energy. Now the project has been canceled.
Wyoming nuclear power TerraPower

Feds field questions about Wyoming's first nuclear power plant

Before it can build a nuclear power plant, TerraPower must build a thorough case for feds to permit it, which includes public scrutiny.