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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
DeSantis & Florida climate denial
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Snakes, spores and sewage: Life in the N.Y.C. neighborhood ‘the Hole’

The small neighborhood on the border of Brooklyn and Queens has a colorful history but an uncertain future because of climate change.
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New York City residents will soon have to compost their food scraps

The City Council passed a bill on Thursday requiring New Yorkers to separate their food waste from regular trash, with mandatory composting coming to all five boroughs by next year.
governors island climate campus

Governors Island to be site of $700 million climate campus

A “living laboratory” for climate solutions will rise on the idyllic 172-acre island off Lower Manhattan, led by Stony Brook University.
climate decarbonization board game

It’s Earth Day. Let the climate games begin.

A board game challenges players to decarbonize New York City, and energy experts are paying attention.
Why New York’s (mostly) vegan mayor wants to cut the city’s meat budget
U.S. Department of Agricul/Flickr/Public Domain

Why New York’s (mostly) vegan mayor wants to cut the city’s meat budget

The city estimates that its food purchases produce as much carbon as the exhaust from 70,000 gas-fueled cars.
Brooklyn Navy Yard green tech incubator
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The Brooklyn Navy Yard has become a lab for planet-saving tech

Once a building ground for battleships, the site is a city-within-a-city where companies can test their solutions for a greener future.
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Shifting weather patterns bring new bird species to New York City

Milder winters, shrinking habitats and new migratory patterns have changed the birds of the city.