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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
Rising seas lead to chronic flooding in Carolina Beach
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offshore wind turbines
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NJ hits reset on offshore wind, approves two massive projects

The state was dealt a blow last year when a developer canceled plans for wind farms off its coast. New agreements could reinvigorate the green energy push.
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Biden, Trump and ... whales? The GOP obsesses on blubbery sea mammals

Some Republicans say President Joe Biden's protections for endangered whales are raising gasoline prices. Others blame his offshore wind efforts for killing whales.
offshore wind turbines

Ørsted cancels N.J. project in major blow to offshore wind

The development was the centerpiece of New Jersey's offshore wind plans and would have provided power to 1 million people.
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How engineers make sure giant floating wind turbines don't drift away

Floating wind turbines the size of skyscrapers are being built where there can’t be construction directly on the seafloor. It’s a massive technical challenge.

UK Is winning the race against climate change

How the UK is winning the race against climate change

While Canada has fumbled every climate promise, the UK has been hitting its emissions targets. What would it take to catch up?
fishers oppose wind leases off Virginia

As feds eye more wind leases off Virginia, fishing industries fear losses

The U.S. is eyeing millions of acres off Virginia's coast as potential new wind energy sites. What does that mean for the state's fisheries?
For Lease: Windmill space in the Atlantic between Long Island and New Jersey

For Lease: Windmill space in the Atlantic between Long Island and New Jersey

The proposed lease sale is part of the Biden administration's push to develop 30,000 megawatts of offshore wind power by 2030.