oil bust

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extreme heat & vulnerable populations
Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
geo-engineering potential solutions
Toxic coal ash complicates Chapel Hill redevelopment plans
rise and fall of a fracking boom town

The rise and fall of a fracking boom town: an oral history

Rock Springs, Wyoming, sits on vast underground stores of natural gas and shale oil. But what was meant to be a blessing turned into a curse.
Trump's Texas oil & gas tour

President Donald Trump's Texas visit focuses on oil and gas workers

President Donald Trump's comments doubled as part campaign speech, part policy announcement, as polls continue to show a close competition with presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden in the once-solidly red state.
oilsands outlook increasingly negative

Regardless of COVID, the outlook for the oilsands gets dimmer year after year

The pandemic has cost the industry billions, but in the long term, it has bigger challenges.

north dakota prosperity oil bust

Hope outlasts prosperity in town flattened by oil bust

Since March, oil companies have shut in 7,500 wells across North Dakota and all but ceased new drilling. The crash is rippling across once-boom towns where residents can no longer depend on industry jobs, government services or health insurance.