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Raid against Sumatran official uncovers use of slave labor on oil palm farm

Raid against Sumatran official uncovers use of slave labor on oil palm farm

JAKARTA — A sting by anti-corruption officers in Indonesia’s North Sumatra province has uncovered evidence that a powerful local official allegedly used slave labor on his oil palm plantation. Agents from the KPK, Indonesia’s anti-corruption commission, found 48 men locked up in barred cells during a raid on Jan. 18 at the residential compound of […]
Intercropping in oil palm plantations

Oil palms alone can be damaging; with other crops, the benefits abound

Intercropping in oil palm plantations can reduce deforestation, increase biodiversity, and boost farmers' income, all without hurting palm oil yields, new research suggests.

coal miners & deforestation-linked floods

Indonesian police may probe coal miners over deforestation-linked floods

Police in Indonesia are considering opening an investigation into allegations that a recent deadly flood in Borneo may have been exacerbated by environmental degradation linked to coal mining activity.

Agribusiness giants trading in ‘conflict’ palm oil

Agribusiness giants ADM, Bunge trading in ‘conflict’ palm oil, report says

A report by Global Witness has found that more than 100 Indonesian palm oil mills supplying agribusiness giants ADM and Bunge have been accused of land and human rights violations and environmental destruction.

Indonesia’s biofuel bid drives deforestation

Indonesia’s biofuel bid threatens more deforestation for oil palm plantations

The Indonesian government says it will need to establish new oil palm plantations a fifth the size of Borneo in order to supply its ambitious biodiesel program.

oil palm threat to Indigenous Peru

An oil palm front advances on an Indigenous community in Peru

“The invasions do not stop, the deforestation does not stop, and the threats do not stop."

forest in Sumatra disappears and so do its elephants

A forest in Sumatra disappears for farms and roads. So do its elephants

The 15,300-hectare (37,900-acre) Balai Raja Wildlife Reserve was established in 1986 and designated an elephant reserve in 1992. By 2010, less than 200 hectares of intact forest remained in the reserve.