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“Super-emitting” oil wells near Denver are releasing 142% more pollution per hour than state average, CSU study finds

Adams County had three wells with massive emissions, the largest leaking 165 pounds of methane per hour. State will use the data to prioritize plugging orphan wells.
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States struggle to plug oil wells with infrastructure law cash

E&E News reporter Shelby Wells writes about the thousands of abandoned oil and gas wells across the country that pose environmental and health risks as they remain open and unused, emitting toxic chemicals and gases into the air and groundwater.

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Pennsylvania expects $400 million in infrastructure funds to begin plugging thousands of abandoned oil wells

One scientist studying toxic emissions from the wells called the amount “woefully inadequate” in a state where officials say there are probably 250,000 such abandoned drill sites that need remediation.

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PA gets federal money to plug dangerous gas, oil wells

Federal infrastructure money will help PA plug gas and oil wells that contribute to climate change, but some say it will take more to fix the problem.
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Petition circulators are telling California voters that a ballot measure would ban new oil and gas wells near homes. In fact, it would do the opposite

The canvassers are backed by the oil industry in its quest to stop a new law that bans wells near residential areas and imposes new environmental controls. If petition circulators succeed in gathering enough signatures, the law would be blocked until the 2024 election.

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Louisiana will receive $25M federal grant to plug orphaned oil and gas wells

Louisiana will use a $25 million grant to plug, cap and reclaim up to 900 orphaned oil and gas wells across the state in the first phase of a $4.7 billion federal program included in last year's infrastructure law.

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Cuyahoga Valley National Park targets gas, oil well cleanup

The funding from an infrastructure law signed by President Biden last year is being put to work in Ohio with $33-million going toward plugging, remediating and reclaiming orphaned oil and gas wells on public lands.