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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
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UAE's Jaber urges Big Oil to join fight against climate change

A top oil executive from the United Arab Emirates on Monday urged the energy industry to join the fight against climate change, borrowing a famous line from a U.S. astronaut aboard a damaged spacecraft during the Apollo 13 mission in 1970.
Deutsche Bank tightens coal finance policy but not oil and gas

Deutsche Bank tightens coal finance policy but not oil and gas

Deutsche Bank on Thursday tightened its coal financing policies but has yet to change its criteria for the oil and gas industries, drawing criticism from climate activists.
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China has "long way to go" to meet ecological goals - State Council

China has a "long way to go" on environmental protection, its State Council acknowledged, as it announced an "in-depth" fight against pollution with new targets for cleaner air and water and measures to tackle carbon emissions.

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Russia's Transneft suspended pipelines last week due to contamination, says no risk to customers

Russia's Transneft temporarily suspended two domestic oil pipelines last week after tainted oil was discovered there, the company says, adding the contaminated flows were localized with no risk to the customers.

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Putin calls for Russian greenhouse gas emissions to be lower than EU’s

President Vladimir Putin says he wants Russia's total net greenhouse gas emissions to be less than the European Union's over the next 30 years, a goal he described as tough but achievable.