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Rethinking the narrative on oilsands and green initiatives

Rethinking the narrative on oilsands and green initiatives

Researchers unveil how Canada's largest oilsands entities have skewed the public's understanding of their environmental footprint, according to a new study in Energy Research and Social Science.

Carl Meyer reports for The Narwhal.

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tar sands oilseeds air pollution
Credit: Jason Woodhead/Flickr

Canada’s tar sands are a much larger source of air pollution than previously thought, study says

The research, published in Science, found the oil operations are releasing vast quantities of compounds that can cause localized air pollution and form damaging particles that can travel across the continent.
Photo by Ellie Meh on Unsplash

A dizzying bird’s-eye view of Alberta’s oilsands

It’s the largest bitumen deposit in the world. Mining there is visible from space. And for many Canadians, the oilsands are still completely unseen.

Alberta renewables pause

Danielle Smith made false statements about reason for renewables pause: documents

The government was preparing speaking notes before the date it says the process began
Alberta oil sands
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Alberta’s current carbon tax scheme is an unfair sham

Thanks to special treatment, oilsands emitters pay far less than average Canadians.
Suncor CEO oilsands extraction

‘Fire Weather’ author John Vaillant: What I told Parliament

Invited to testify alongside Suncor’s CEO, the writer pulled no punches about what’s at stake and who’s to blame.
Danielle Smith’s government under investigation

Danielle Smith’s government under investigation for secrecy

ImThe Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Alberta says it has notified provincial ministries an investigation is underway in response to allegations Danielle Smith’s government is systematically breaking a transparency law.