old growth forest protections

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old growth forest protections
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Biden inventory of old-growth forests sparks debate on protection

The U.S. has now inventoried old-growth forests, as President Biden ordered. Will protection be next?
B.C. plan to protect old-growth forests

New B.C. plan could actually protect old-growth forests

A shift in how the province manages forests — taking into account biodiversity, climate change and Indigenous partnership — signals a long-awaited change in what Premier David Eby calls ‘decades of short-term and transactional thinking.’

old-growth forest protections

B.C. mum on $50 million offer to protect old-growth forests

Ottawa’s offer to fund the protection of B.C.’s vanishing old-growth forests is a ‘game-changer,’ but so far the provincial government hasn’t made a matching commitment.

old-growth forest protections

Ottawa dollars can save B.C.'s old-growth forests

An environmental coalition is calling on B.C. government to take advantage of available federal funding to protect old-growth forests, support forestry communities and end its current war in the woods.