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Canada’s boreal forests logging damage
Credit: Angelos @ Ottawa/Flickr

Canada’s boreal forests badly damaged by logging

A study finds that logging has inflicted severe damage to the vast boreal forests in Ontario and Quebec, two of the country’s main commercial logging regions.
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old-growth logging restrictions
Credit: hans Peter meyer/Flickr

Biden moves to ban most old-growth logging in national forests

The Forest Service is planning to put more protections in place for the very oldest trees, which dot nearly 25 million acres of land the agency manages and are vital for storing carbon dioxide that contributes to climate change.
northern spotted owl extinction

Canada’s last wild spotted owl gets its day in court

Federal government is in court for ‘precedent-setting’ case over lack of urgency to prevent extinction of the spotted owl in Canada.

Canada rejects emergency order to save spotted owls

Canada rejects emergency order to save spotted owls

The federal cabinet rejected Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault’s request for an order to protect the endangered spotted owl in Canada.

Old-growth logging persists in B.C.

Old-growth still cut years after B.C. promised protections: advocates

The province promised to implement more than a dozen recommendations made by an independent review. Some worry change for the old forests home to at-risk species hasn’t come fast enough
old-growth home to endangered sapsucker

B.C. logs old-growth home to endangered sapsucker

Almost two decades after the Williamson’s sapsucker was listed as endangered under Canada’s Species at Risk Act, the B.C. government continues to sanction logging in the bird’s old-growth forest critical habitat.

Canada’s last spotted owls

Guilbeault recommends emergency order to save Canada’s last spotted owls

If approved, it will be the third time in the 20-year history of the federal Species at Risk Act that an emergency order has been issued.