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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
Extreme heat poses danger to athletes at Paris Olympics
Opinion: Summer heat poses health risks for children
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A killer menu: How climate change is modifying orca diets

If you’re thinking of going killer whale watching this summer, you might have a harder time than usual catching a glimpse of those famous black-and-white tail flips.

Killer whales find prey bonanza in melting Arctic

Killer whales find prey bonanza in melting Arctic

Audio recordings in Arctic seas show orcas in waters that were once blocked by ice, and the effects are being felt up and down the food chain.
Living on Earth: Beyond the Headlines

Living on Earth: Beyond the Headlines

Host Bobby Bascomb and Environmental Health News Editor Peter Dykstra discuss a genetic diversity crisis in orca whales, and why non-native water buffalo pose an emerging threat to the Amazon rainforest. In the history calendar they look back to perhaps the first and only trash pickup in space.

Killer whales’ low genetic diversity

Killer whales’ low genetic diversity offers a warning for the future

Even after thousands of years, many killer whale populations are still reeling from the genetic bottleneck of navigating the end of the last ice age.
Orcas & food Web disruption

Orcas are in trouble. Do documentaries help?

VIFF’s ‘Coextinction’ has the courage of its convictions, but it struggles to find hope.
Tracking orcas with tech

Tracking orcas with tech: ‘The images took our breath away’

UBC scientists attached cameras to drones, and the whales themselves. Here’s the result.
Chinook salmon & endangered orcas

When Chinook salmon is off the menu, other prey will do for endangered orcas

For nearly 20 years, Robin Baird has been following killer whales, trying to figure out what they eat. At first, he would look to see what was in their mouths as the whales feasted on fish near the surface. But then he and his colleague, Brad Hanson, started looking for more subtle clues in their […]