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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
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Miami-Dade County mulls the strictest workplace heat rules in the U.S.

Miami-Dade County’s proposed heat standard would mandate water, shade and rest for outdoor workers and could be a model for other local governments to follow.
When should wildfire smoke cancel an outdoor event?

When should wildfire smoke cancel an outdoor event?

Some youth sports events and recess have been canceled due to wildfire smoke. Public health officials recommend more closures.
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Climate change stresses Whatcom outdoor recreation economy

As climate change alters the fabric of the Pacific Northwest, increasing the frequency and severity of heatwaves, wildfires and precipitation extremes, some of outdoor companies are scrambling to adapt their business models to shorter seasons and unpredictable conditions.

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Climate change will make heat even deadlier for outdoor workers, study says

Florida’s 2 million outdoor workers — more than 20 percent of its workforce — will be at greater risk of losing their lives and $8.4 billion in total annual earnings.
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Big fashion companies lag behind on green targets

The 15 largest listed fashion companies are lagging behind when it comes to meeting the social and environmental targets of the Paris climate agreement and UN Sustainable Development Goals, a new report by the Business of Fashion says.

Guides see climate change firsthand

Guides see climate change firsthand

Meltdown, from filmmaker Lukasz Warzecha, features Icelandic Mountain Guides team members talking about their experiences guiding on rapidly deteriorating glaciers.

Napa fires make San Francisco air worse than Beijing, causing a run on masks.

Home Depot is sold out of face masks, people sleeping in shelters have bandanas tied around their faces.

NAPA, Calif. — Home Depot is sold out of face masks, people sleeping in shelters have bandanas tied around their faces and residents even 50 miles away from the fires in northern California find themselves coughing and hacking as smoke and haze blanket the area.

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