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The scientists coaxing back nature with sound

When species disappear, so do their sounds. But scientists are exploring new techniques to use recordings of these very sounds to bring nature back
River cleanups move to grasses and oysters

River cleanups move to the next level using grasses and oysters

In the Delaware River and other waterways and estuaries across the United States, scientists and conservationists are restoring aquatic vegetation and beds of mussels and oysters to fight pollution and create a strong foundation for healthy ecosystems.
oyster recovery Chesapeake Bay watershed

How to plant millions of oysters in a day

Conservationists and community members collaborate on an ambitious project to revive oysters in a Chesapeake Bay tributary.
Chesapeake Bay funding cleanup & restoration

Advocates press for more federal funding to help reach Bay goals

Fresh off successful efforts to bolster Chesapeake Bay-related funding for this year, advocates are hoping to secure even greater federal support for cleanup and restoration work next year.