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Rewetting England’s lowland peat could help meet emissions target, says study

Rewetting about half of England’s lowland peat would be enough to deliver a fifth of the greenhouse gas emissions savings needed from the country’s farming by 2030, research suggests.

Anthropocene Working Group
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A golden spike would mark the Earth’s next epoch: But where?

Before the Anthropocene can be officially proclaimed, a scientific working group must select a single site that permanently captures the new human-influenced epoch. Nine candidate sites — from California to China to Antarctica — are under consideration, with a decision expected soon.
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PittMoss sells peat-free gardening soil to reduce carbon emissions

Despite its connection to the outdoors, gardening contributes significantly to climate change because most store-bought soils contain peat. When extracted from boggy peatlands, the anaerobic substance emits high levels of carbon dioxide.

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How art inspired by peatlands can help us confront the climate crisis

Peatlands have always had a place in art, writing and poetry. In times of global warming these cultural reflections can help open up debate about the biodiversity and climate crisis.
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Investigation into protected peat burning ‘leads to just one formal warning’

Moorland association says figures show managers abiding by rules stopping burning on deep peat, while Greenpeace calls for a more comprehensive ban.

Potting soil has a dirty secret

Potting soil has a dirty secret

The rapid demand for potting soil has increased the need for its key ingredients, which are risky for environmental and human health, though greater awareness of those risks is encouraging more sustainable solutions.

Protecting the peatlands of Ireland as fuel costs skyrocket

Protecting the peatlands of Ireland as fuel costs skyrocket

One in seven Irish households still burn peat for heat. New rules are aimed at discouraging a practice that many consider part of the culture.