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Colorado transportation planning
Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
Tornadoes strike the US almost daily from late April to late May
India experiences extreme heatwave with record-breaking temperatures
Louisiana Cancer Alley preterm birth weights

Babies born in Louisiana’s ‘Cancer Alley’ record lower birth weight, preterm births – report

New report shows babies born in notorious industrial corridor experience low birth weight at three times the national average.

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Formosa Plastics Cancer Alley
Credit: Ted Auch/FracTracker Alliance/Flickr

A Louisiana court just revived plans for the country’s biggest plastics plant

An appeals court cleared the way for the chemical giant Formosa Plastics to start building its $9.4 billion complex in Cancer Alley.
ExxonMobil Baytown petrochemicals

The missing equations at ExxonMobil’s advanced recycling operation

The petrochemical giant promotes its new Baytown facility near Houston as a model for solving the world’s glut of used plastic. But Exxon Mobil won’t say how much goes into making new plastic—or ends up burned as climate-warming fuel.

Texas industrial air pollution

Texas quietly moves to formalize acceptable cancer risk from industrial air pollution. Public health officials say it’s not strict enough.

Without public hearings, the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality is proposing to adopt its 17-year-old standard that scientists and public health officials say fails to account for cumulative air pollution.

Pennsylvania Shell plant brings pollution and plastic

Mia DiFelice, Robin Lesko: New Pennsylvania Shell plant brings pollution and plastic. We’re fighting back.

Shell’s plant is spewing air pollution and blowing past permit limits in Western Pennsylvania, so we're pushing to hold it accountable.

Single-use plastics manufacturing
Louis Vest/Flickr

Editorial: Single-use plastics manufacturing shouldn't be subsidized.

The possibility of toxic fumes and the certainty of more plastic pollution are among the reasons Lockport should not subsidize SRI CV, a plastics company, especially given New York's environmental agenda.
proposed plastics manufacturing Lockport NY

SRI CV Plastics seeks to reassure Lockport IDA over safety

The Indian plastics company that is seeking to open a manufacturing facility in Lockport sought on Thursday to overcome environmental opposition to the project by reassuring members of the Lockport Industrial Development Agency that the proposed plant's production would be safe.