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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
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exxon houston petrochemicals
Credit: Cami Ferrell for EHN

Spanish-speaking residents feel left out of permitting process at massive Exxon petrochemical plant in Houston-area

“It is important to ensure meaningful engagement efforts are inclusive and accessible to all diverse members of our communities.”

BAYTOWN, TX — As Exxon Mobil moves forward with federal re-permitting for its massive petrochemical complex in the Houston area, residents remain frustrated with the lack of accessibility and Spanish-language outreach from the state and company.

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exxon houston petrochemicals
Crédito: Cami Ferrell/EHN

Residentes hispanohablantes de Baytown se sienten excluidos del proceso de permisos de la masiva planta petroquímica de Exxon

“Es importante garantizar que los esfuerzos de participación sean significativamente inclusivos y accesibles para toda la comunidad.”

BAYTOWN, TX — Mientras ExxonMobil avanza en la reautorización del permiso de operación federal para su enorme complejo petroquímico en el área de Houston, los residentes siguen frustrados con la brecha de accesibilidad y divulgación en español por parte del estado y la compañía.

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global plastics treaty negotiations
Credit: Boyce Duprey/Flickr

Production cap is crucial to global treaty on plastic pollution, study suggests

Future models on plastic pollution suggest limiting the world's annual plastic production is necessary to mitigate its environmental impact.

Costas Velis writes for The Conversation.

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global treaty on plastic pollution
Photo by Jas Min on Unsplash

Global plastic treaty talks stall without consensus

Talks were scheduled to end on Monday but continued overnight as negotiators sparred over how to address overproduction.

Valerie Volcovici reports for Reuters.

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plastic pollution plastics treaty
Credit: smithore/Flickr

Opinion: Rethinking plastic production for a healthier future

Delegates meet to reshape the global approach to plastic pollution at the UN treaty talks, highlighting industry influence and warning of greenwashing.

Judith Enck and Pamela Miller write for Fortune.

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global plastic pollution treaty

New global discussions focus on halting plastic pollution

Thousands gather in Ottawa to draft a legally-binding treaty aimed at halting the surge of plastic pollution worldwide. Will it protect the environment and human health?

Jennifer McDermott reports for the Associated Press.

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microplastics & global plastic pollution
Credit: Felton Davis/Flickr

Planet versus plastics: the global battle for a cleaner future

Microplastics are pervasive, from Mount Everest to the Marianas Trench, affecting our air, water and health. How should the world respond to the ever-growing impacts of plastic pollution?

Erika Page reports for The Christian Science Monitor.

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