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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
DeSantis & Florida climate denial
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North Sea's decaying pipelines: a looming environmental threat

North Sea's decaying pipelines: a looming environmental threat

Scientists warn of potential environmental disaster in the North Sea due to decaying oil and gas pipelines releasing toxic substances.

Rachel Salvidge and Leana Hosea report for The Guardian.

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TC Energy wants LNG plants, methane out of emissions cap
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TC Energy wants LNG plants, methane out of emissions cap

One of Canada’s largest pipeline operators lobbied the federal government to exclude two major sources of carbon pollution from its emissions cap for the oil and gas sector.

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Is federal review of Highway 413 unconstitutional?

Alberta got Canada's top court to question federal reviews of big projects that could cause environmental harm. Now, Ontario is trying to get the impact assessment law struck down for good.

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In case you missed it: Louisiana rushes buildout of carbon pipelines in Cancer Alley

As the Biden administration funds carbon sequestration projects, residents worry about ruptured pipelines and mass asphyxiation from leaks.

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The Biden administration has begun regulating 400,000 miles of gas ‘gathering lines.’ The industry isn’t happy

After decades of industry resistance, federal safety officials are finally starting to regulate a huge part of the nation’s pipeline system.

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How Venezuela’s oil industry has devastated the environment

Gas flares and leaking pipelines from Venezuela’s once-booming oil industry, hobbled by U.S. sanctions and mismanagement, are polluting towns and a major lake.
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Arizona, low on water, weighs taking it from the sea. In Mexico

A $5 billion plan to desalinate seawater in Mexico and pipe it to Phoenix is testing the notion that desert cities can keep growing as the Earth warms.