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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
Federal Energy Regulatory Commission's new grid rule deepens partisan divisions
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Climate change, poor planning make India’s monsoon season devastating

Sanjay Chauhan witnessed monsoon rains lash down over his home and farm in the Indian Himalayas this year with a magnitude and intensity he's never experienced before.

australia drought climate impacts
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Drought preparations start early as regions given tailored plans to manage El Niño impacts

As farmers around Australia brace for another El Niño, communities are starting drought preparations early to avoid the pitfalls of the past.

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Reflective pavements tackle urban heat — but also make pedestrians hotter

Cool pavement has been touted as the next big infrastructure fix to combat heat islands. But researchers find that sometimes, it can also make people hotter.
vermont climate impacts
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Vermont’s flood-wracked capital city ponders a rebuild with one eye on climate change

The gutted shops, restaurants and businesses that lend downtown Montpelier its charm are considering where and how to rebuild in an era when extreme weather is occurring more often.

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Faced with climate change, island of Ischia battles illegal urban development

The island of Ischia is particularly vulnerable to natural disasters, and the problem of uncontrolled urban development is making the damage worse.

cities climate inflation reduction act

Cities stand to win big with the Inflation Reduction Act. How do they turn this opportunity into results?

The passage of the Inflation Reduction Act last fall was like turning on full-blast spigots of money for city governments to help pay for climate and energy programs that they’ve long wanted and needed.

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California overhauls its sea level rise plan as climate change reshapes coastal life

Sea level rise lapping over and pushing up groundwater under the California shoreline is the next climate threat in a state already thrashed around by wildlife, drought and deluge.