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California plastic waste legislation

California's attempt to cut down on plastic bags has unintended consequences, spurring new legislative action

In the decade following California's celebrated first-in-the-nation single-use plastic bag ban, plastic bag waste jumped by nearly 50%. What went wrong?

Susanne Rust reports for The Los Angeles Times.

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NJ plastic bag ban
Credit: KeepCool Bags/Flickr

New Jersey's plastic consumption triples after plastic bag ban enacted, study shows

Jersey's plastic ban was meant to mitigate its plastic consumption, but one study found the replacement bags may have tripled its plastic consumption.
Florida Legislature plastics regulation

The Florida Legislature wants to expand the control over regulating plastics

More than 15 years ago, state lawmakers passed legislation to further control local governments from banning single-use plastics in Florida. Now, members of the GOP-controlled Legislature and the Florida business establishment want to go further.

Colorado plastic bag ban
Credit: Walmart/Flickr

1.5 billion fewer plastic bags used in Colorado thanks to fee, recycling center says

After a year of the statewide fee on single-use plastic bags, the Eco-Cycle recycling center estimates between 1.5 billion and 1.8 billion fewer plastic bags were used in Colorado in 2023.
Pittsburgh plastic bag ban

Editorial: Goodbye to plastic bags in Pittsburgh

They have their uses and will not be easily replaced.

nc plastic reduction efforts

State budget provision stymies local plastic reduction efforts in NC.

Several municipalities were on the cusp of regulating plastic bags and styrofoam carryout containers. One budget item stalled the movement.
mandated climate change targets

Governments and individuals debate: Are mandates needed to reach climate change targets?

Governments, organizations and businesses have set ambitious goals to combat climate change. But it is far from clear that those goals can be met without forcing people to do -- or not do -- certain things.