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Opinion: ‘Barbie’ and ‘Oppenheimer’ tell the same terrifying story

Opinion: ‘Barbie’ and ‘Oppenheimer’ tell the same terrifying story

The two movies actually have a fundamental, and disturbing, common ground. J. Robert Oppenheimer, the man behind our nuclear age, and Barbie — a toy that takes over three cups of oil to produce before it lingers in landfills — both tell the story of the dawn of our imperiled era.

Crawford Lake Anthropocene

Crawford Lake in Canada marks beginning of ‘Anthropocene,’ scientists say

Scientists say Crawford Lake holds the best evidence for humanity’s overwhelming impact on the Earth -- and should be the 'golden spike' for a new geologic epoch.
Anthropocene begins Crawford Lake 1950's

Humans' impact on the earth began a new epoch in the 1950s called the Anthropocene begins Crawford Lake 1950's, scientists say

Humans have etched their impact on the Earth with such strength and permanence since the middle of the 20th century that scientists says a new geologic epoch began then.
Bikini Atoll nuclear contamination trust fund
Photograph Curator/Flickr/Public Domain/NHHC Photograph Collection

$59 million, gone: How Bikini Atoll leaders blew through U.S. trust fund

The Trump administration lifted spending limits on the fund, which aids descendants of people forced to leave the coral reef because of U.S. nuclear testing.
Canada betting big on small nuclear reactors?

Is Canada betting big on small nuclear reactors? Here’s what you need to know

Small modular reactors are variously described as a clean energy solution, a waste of time and a new danger. So, what’s the deal?
Feds void LANL environmental study

Feds close door on new Los Alamos Lab environmental study

Officials said there was no need for a new sitewide study because little has changed since a 2008 environmental analysis.
NM Cerro Grande Fire 2000

Cerro Grande Fire remains burned into New Mexico's memory 20 years later

The blaze in May 2000 scorched 43,000 acres, destroyed 235 homes, displaced more than 400 people and caused an estimated $1 billion in damage.