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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
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rising temperatures & Dengue fever

As temperatures rise, Dengue fever spreads and cases rise

With temperatures and rainfall increasing, the mosquitoes that carry dengue viruses are extending their range. More than 4.5 million cases have been reported this year, and global climate models project an additional 2 billion people could be at risk of infection by 2080.
Feeding 8 billion people has changed our planet. Here's why we can't keep doing it the same way
Photo by Louis Reed on Unsplash

Feeding 8 billion people has changed our planet. Here's why we can't keep doing it the same way

Human history is shaped by our ability to feed ourselves. See how population growth is tied to farmland, and how food production's profound environmental effect shows us the need for change.
old exxon sign
Photo by Justin on Unsplash

Exxon says global climate goals are destined to fail

The company’s researchers predict that an expanding population and worldwide economy will drive up energy demand for fossil fuels.
Sun Belt growing despite heat

Why people won’t stop moving to the Sun Belt

Despite the heat, the region’s cities are growing fast. They have three factors to thank.
water drought climate impacts
Photo by Calvin Weibel on Unsplash

How climate change is increasing the unpredictability of Utah’s streams

New research shows that the long-term trend of warmer winters and less snow has made Utah’s streamflow more sporadic. And researchers say Utahns should prepare for it to keep getting worse.
Climate change influences Everglades restoration plan

Climate change forces a rethinking of mammoth Everglades restoration plan

Even as the $21 billion effort unfolds, officials realize that its water infrastructure cannot contend with rising seas, violent storms and Florida’s non-stop influx of residents.

malthusians & planetary carrying capacity

Alex Trembath, Vijaya Ramachandran: The Malthusians are back

Climate activists who worry that the world has too many people are joining an ugly tradition.