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Federal agencies move to protect climate science from political interference
Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
US oil trade group challenges Biden administration's EV mandate in court
Trump anti-climate energy policies
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Va. environmentalists sue to block Youngkin from exiting carbon market

The Southern Environmental Law Center filed suit Monday to block Gov. Glenn Youngkin (R) from withdrawing Virginia from the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative.
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Engineers put new spin on capturing carbon from the oceans

Membranes are used today to remove carbon dioxide from power plant exhaust; could they be put to use in the ocean?
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3 takeaways from hearing on EPA power plant rule

Republicans and Democrats clashed at a hearing this week that examined EPA’s planned actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions at power plants around the country. It served as yet another example of the political challenges inherent in addressing the climate crisis.

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How EPA’s new power plant rules could impact Pennsylvania

A new proposal by the EPA to limit planet-warming carbon emissions from power plants is expected to cut pollution in Pennsylvania, the state with the fourth-highest energy-related emissions in the country.

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Crypto is mostly over. Its carbon emissions are not.

The environmental toll of Bitcoin could be even higher this year than last.
E.P.A. crackdown on smokestacks
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E.P.A. tells dozens of states to clean up their smokestacks

The Biden administration is strengthening the ‘Good Neighbor’ rule, to cut pollution from power plants and factories in the West and Midwest that wafts east.