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Copper recycling increases as demand soars
climate change & heirloom hops

Germany’s oldest hops thrived for centuries. Then came climate change.

Hotter, drier seasons are threatening the traditions of German hops growers, who are fighting to preserve a way of life — and the flavor of your favorite brew.
diverted floodwaters spare Beijing

Anger in China over flooding of towns, in part, to save Beijing

A provincial leader set off an outcry by urging cities to serve as a “moat” for the capital, as diverted floodwaters sent scores of residents fleeing.
traditionally wintry cities snowless
Joe Passe/Flickr

Snow has been a no-show for some traditionally wintry cities

Growing up in New England, Leah Ofsevit's most cherished childhood memories were blanketed in snow. She remembers running barefoot outside with her brother at the first sign of it, building snowmen and ice castles most winters, strapping on skis as a toddler.

Grasslands overrun by drought-resistant invaders

America’s billion-dollar tree problem is spreading

Grasslands are being overrun by drought-resistant invaders that wreck animal habitats, suck up water supplies, and can cost landowners a fortune.
changing precipitation patterns sydney australia

'Rapid rain bursts' over Sydney increase by 40 per cent in the past 20 years

A new study has used radar data to show short, heavy bursts of rain have become far more common over Sydney in the past 20 years. 
Texas cattle industry faces existential crisis from historic drought

Texas cattle industry faces existential crisis from historic drought

The megadrought in the Western U.S., the region’s worst in 1,200 years, is threatening America’s cattle heartland: withering pastures, wrecking feed harvests and endangering a quintessential way of life.

NASA-funded weather project seeks help from citizen scientists

NASA-funded weather project seeks help from citizen scientists in Vermont

Leaders of a project called “Mountain Rain or Snow” are looking for Vermonters to report what type of precipitation is falling in locations around the state.