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Colorado Gov. Polis vetoes bill ending state incentives for certain recycling techniques

Colorado Gov. Polis vetoes bill ending state incentives for certain recycling techniques

Governor Jared Polis vetoed a bill that would have stopped state incentives for pyrolysis and gasification recycling projects in Colorado.

Sam Brasch reports for Colorado Public Radio.

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pyrolysis plants burning tires
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A plant proposed in Youngstown, Ohio, would have turned tons of tires into synthetic gas. Local officials said not so fast

The mayor and city council have enacted a one-year moratorium after the EPA raised multiple environmental justice concerns, from toxic air to hazardous waste.
youngstown tire pyrolysis plant

Youngstown City Council unanimously votes against an ‘untested and dangerous’ tire pyrolysis plant

The resolution signals potential trouble ahead for SOBE Thermal’s proposal to turn 88 tons a day of tires into gas and then steam, amid a global fight over “advanced recycling.”

vehicle tires & global circular economy

Rolling car tires into the global circular economy

A billion tires enter landfills, are burned, or litter the landscape every year, and more will be dumped as auto use surges planetwide. Industry analysts and entrepreneurs are pressing for circular economy solutions.
toxic plastics recycling plant
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Inside Indiana's “advanced” plastics recycling plant: dangerous vapors, oil spills and life-threatening fires

The Brightmark “plastics renewal” plant can’t get past the start-up phase, as former employees raise environmental, health and safety concerns.

plastic pollution recycling energy

EPA spurns Trump-era effort to drop clean-air protections for plastic waste recycling

Affirming long-standing incineration regulations, the Biden administration has withdrawn a plan to help ease the way for unchecked pyrolysis and gasification of plastic.

plastic pollution recycling pyrolysis
Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash

As plastics keep piling up, can ‘advanced’ recycling cut the waste?

Proponents of a process called pyrolysis — including oil and gas companies — contend it will keep post-consumer plastics out of landfills and reduce pollution. But critics say that by converting waste to petroleum feedstock, it will only perpetuate a dependence on fossil fuels.