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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
30x30 environment goal
Tornado hotspots shifting from Plains to Southeast, raising risks
planetary health diet
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This diet will likely keep you alive longer — and help the planet

New research finds the Planetary Health Diet lowers our risk to most major causes of death.

People who closely follow an environmentally conscious plant-heavy diet that also includes modest portions of meat and dairy, dubbed the Planetary Health Diet, have a 30% lower risk of premature death from common causes such as cancer and heart disease, according to new research.

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Regenerative agriculture drought resilience
Credit: HalfPoint/BigStock Photo ID: 451757997

Regenerative agriculture shows potential for British Columbia drought resilience

A Swiss-born farmer in British Columbia demonstrates how regenerative agricultural practices can boost resilience to extreme drought conditions that increasingly threaten regional food security.

Matt Simmons reports for The Narwhal.

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agroecology climate resilience adaptation
Credit: Global Justice Now/Flickr

Pre-pesticides, pro-farmer: the rise of agroecology

One part ancient practices, one part worker justice, a new-old way of farming is adapting agriculture for an uncertain world.
world’s broken food system

The world’s broken food system costs $12.7 trillion a year

The hidden costs of the global food system are equivalent to 10 percent of global GDP, according to new analysis from the United Nations.
Siksika Nation Alberta shelterbelts

This First Nation in Alberta is fighting climate change with rows and rows of trees

Siksika Nation will see shelterbelts planted throughout the community, which are rows of trees planted on the perimeter of properties, or along roads. Shelterbelts serve many purposes, including being a natural wind barrier, and capturing moisture in the soil.
farm cow
Image by Colleen Conger from Pixabay

Actor Rachel Ward turns to regenerative farming to combat climate change

After watching her farm narrowly survive the inferno of Black Summer and welcoming a grandson into the world, Rachel Ward knew it was time to try to do things differently.