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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
DeSantis & Florida climate denial
biodiversity resilience
Chemical industry fights Superfund tax
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Chemical industry spends millions lobbying against Superfund tax

The American Chemistry Council spent $130 million over two years on government lobbying, including against revived Superfund tax.
disaster aid injustice
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GoFundMe is remaking disaster aid. It largely helps the wealthy.

The crowdfunding site raised more money for wildfire survivors with high incomes than for those who need help most, researchers found.
biomining toxic tailings remediation

The future of mining might be smaller than you think

As the world’s demand for metals continues to rise, some are using microorganisms to mine and “clean” waste.

pennsylvania climate energy toxics
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Pennsylvania expects $400 million in infrastructure funds to begin plugging thousands of abandoned oil wells

One scientist studying toxic emissions from the wells called the amount “woefully inadequate” in a state where officials say there are probably 250,000 such abandoned drill sites that need remediation.

Greenpoint NYC environmental pollution
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‘A layer cake of environmental pollution’: Greenpoint struggles with rezoning 18 years on

New York City's vision of replacing a contaminated industrial shoreline with a community of luxury towers remains incomplete — and may now be threatened by sea level rise.
repurposing Wyoming coal infrastructure
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Report: Wyoming coal infrastructure can be 'repurposed'

An inventory of some 30 coal mine and coal plant facilities sets the stage for encouraging new uses, and helps communities facing economic transition.
Alberta will pay oil companies for cleanup
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Alberta will pay oil companies for cleanup. We’ve got the details

The proposed pilot oil and gas cleanup incentive program — first pitched to the government by Alberta Premier Danielle Smith when she was an industry lobbyist — has led to a barrage of criticism from banks and economists