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Federal agencies move to protect climate science from political interference
Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
US oil trade group challenges Biden administration's EV mandate in court
Trump anti-climate energy policies
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Berlin votes on tighter climate goals in test of Germans commitment to change

Berlin voted on making the city climate neutral by 2030, in a binding referendum that will force the new conservative local government to invest heavily in renewable energy, building efficiency and public transportation.

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Biden's clean energy factory jobs may elude U.S. union workers

In the six months since passage of Biden's signature climate change law, a majority of the $50 billion of announced investments in domestic manufacturing to support the clean energy transition has been in states with laws that make it harder for workers to unionize.

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Namibia secures $544 million in climate finance at COP27

Namibia said at the COP27 summit on Tuesday that it had secured over 540 million euros ($544 million) in climate finance from the Dutch government and European Investment Bank.
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Bank study group sets out guidelines for financing Asia's energy transition

A study group drawn from a number of private financial institutions on Monday laid out guidelines for financing low-carbon technologies and energy transition projects in Asia to help combat climate change.
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In Venezuelan oil town, solar-powered car offers escape from fuel lines

In Maracaibo, the once wealthy Venezuelan oil city, two innovators are trying to push a new trend: small electric and solar-powered cars that offer an alternative for people fed up with regular fuel shortages and long lines as the gas station.
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Factbox: U.S. climate deal has money for EVs, clean energy and even Big Oil

After years of failed attempts to pass major legislation to combat climate change, the U.S. Senate's Inflation Reduction Act is poised to become largest U.S. climate legislation in history.
No miracle tech needed: How to switch to renewables now and lower costs doing it

No miracle tech needed: How to switch to renewables now and lower costs doing it

A new system could result in a 63 percent lower annual energy cost worldwide.