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Colorado transportation planning
Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
Tornadoes strike the US almost daily from late April to late May
India experiences extreme heatwave with record-breaking temperatures
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Brett Buzzanga: Let’s not declare war on climate change

We can choose to live with it or fight against it, but it would serve us well to remember what Rachel Carson told us 60 years ago: "We are a part of nature, and our war against nature is inevitably a war against ourselves.”
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Kurt Cobb: Europe's disappearing rivers illustrate multiple converging catastrophes

We no longer have the luxury of facing one catastrophe at a time. And the underlying cause is our slavish devotion to perpetual growth.
Fighting off a petrochemical future in the Ohio River Valley

Fighting off a petrochemical future in the Ohio River Valley

It is part of a plan to transform Appalachia’s Ohio River Valley into a plastic and petrochemical hub.

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From fish waste to community wealth

A large population, an increasing demand for fish, a warm (and warming) climate, and the lack of action by local pollution control boards has led to an overflow of fish debris along India’s 7,500-kilometer-long coastline.

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How are the US and other countries doing on fighting climate change?

On December 8, President Joe Biden signed an executive order to spearhead his administration’s efforts to combat climate change. What does this order actually promise to accomplish?

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For better or worse, we adapt

We need to begin creative and effective adaptation projects around the world, because climate-induced crises are already happening.
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Year 2020: Last chance to avoid rebound into carbon chaos

The decisions made during the remainder of this year – a mere 6 months – to recover economically from the COVID-19 crisis, are likely to determine the practical actions set in motion for the next 3 years, in terms of controlling carbon emissions, and thence the course of the climate crisis up to 2050… and beyond.