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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
DeSantis & Florida climate denial
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Credit: Water Alternatives Photos/Flickr

‘The wildlife that has come is phenomenal’: the UK farmers holding off floods the natural way

Planting trees, creating floodplains and rewilding rivers are among the new techniques being used to adapt to a heating climate.

bison rewilding climate mitigation
Photo by Jonathan Mast on Unsplash

Why grazing bison could be good for the planet

American bison were hunted almost to extinction by European settlers. Now making a comeback, they could help reverse damage to prairies from decades of poor management.
rewilding ireland ecological health

Call of the rewild: restoring ecological health to the Emerald Isle

Centuries of overgrazing and deforestation have eliminated most native flora in Ireland, creating what ecologists see as a man-made desert in places. A growing “rewilding” push aims to change that.
Rewilding animals could be key for climate

Rewilding animals could be key for climate: Report

A new report published in Nature Climate Change suggests that trophic rewilding, or restoring and protecting the functional roles of animals in ecosystems, is an overlooked climate solution.

2022: the year rewilding went mainstream

2022: the year rewilding went mainstream – and a biodiversity deal gave the world hope

Cop15’s long-awaited agreement will be closely watched, says the Guardian’s biodiversity editor, but it was by no means the only positive nature news, despite the heartbreaking ravages of avian flu.

george monbiot precision fermentation

George Monbiot: Embrace what may be the most important green technology ever. It could save us all

Never mind the yuck factor: precision fermentation could produce new staple foods, and end our reliance on farming.

Time to reinvent Florida once again

Time to reinvent Florida once again

The destruction of Hurricane Ian also offers opportunity for a more sustainable future.