saltwater intrusion

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UN proposes fossil fuel ad ban
Oceans under threat from heating, deoxygenation, and acidification
Saltwater intrusion sea level rise
Credit: Amio James Ascension/Flickr

Rising sea levels threaten women's reproductive health in Bangladesh

Women in Bangladesh are suffering severe health impacts from saltwater intrusion, a consequence of climate change that could soon affect other parts of the world.

Zoya Teirstein and Mahadi Al Hasnat report for Grist, Vox, and The 19th.

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rapid melting thwaites glacier
Credit: Felton Davis/Flickr

New evidence shows rapid melting of Antarctica's Thwaites Glacier

Scientists have found that the glacier is melting at an alarming rate due to warm seawater intrusions.

Doyle Rice reports for USA Today.

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Rising Atlantic sea levels
Credit: Virginia Sea Grant/Flickr

Rising sea levels pose new challenges for southern US coasts

A rapid increase in sea levels across the southern U.S. is compelling coastal communities to adapt to unprecedented environmental changes.

Chris Mooney, Brady Dennis, Kevin Crowe, and John Muyskens report for The Washington Post.

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Marshall Islands climate resilience
Credit: Erin Magee, DFAT/Sarah Boyd/Flickr

The Marshall Islands aren’t giving in to sea level rise

The precariously placed island nation has put together a comprehensive—if expensive—plan to survive sea level rise.
Tijuana estuary preservation

Defending the Tijuana estuary

Stewardship saved a Southern California estuary from development. Climate change is the next challenge.
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subsidence & rising sea levels
Credit: Chesapeake Bay Program/Skyler Ballard/Flickr

Sinking US cities already face ‘real impacts’ as subsidence poses risk to buildings and roads

‘Hotspots of sinking land intersect directly with population and infrastructure hubs,’ researchers warn.

saltwater intrusion crop loss
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Salt patches, a product of rising seas, are spreading rapidly on the Chesapeake’s Eastern Shore

Climate change is claiming farmland at “an alarmingly high rate” in one of the Mid-Atlantic’s most productive agricultural regions, inflicting tens of millions of dollars in economic damage, of scientists says in a new study.